3 Tips to Spend the Best Thanksgiving in TN

by PFRV Blog

The Holidays are just around the corner, bringing the perfect opportunity to make new traditions and memories with your loved ones. What better time to enjoy and try different things than now? If you’re feeling like switching things up this Thanksgiving, have you considered spending Thanksgiving in an RV resort near the Smoky Mountains

Check out these three tips to switch the traditions a little and spend the best Thanksgiving ever on a road trip.

How to Spend the Best Thanksgiving Camping in an RV

Plan the trip ahead of time. Everyone’s trying to get fresh air, and these festivities are the perfect excuse to spend some lovely time away from home and try new things. So plan ahead so you can get your RV and the perfect spot to spend a unique Thanksgiving. You can even organize some activities to pass the time. The RV will make the experience feel more intimate and friendly. This is an opportunity to be in a nice bubble away from the rush of your life and disconnect from the world for a while.

Cook the main dishes at home. Remember that the space inside the RV is limited, so you may want to cook the main dishes in the comfort of your home, where you’ll have more tools. It’ll lift a weight off your shoulders to finish the meal before the trip. So, if part of your family activities includes cooking in the family, keep the preparation of the more straightforward dishes for the RV.

Decorate according to the celebration. Make the space feel like home! It’s still Thanksgiving, just in an exciting and new scenario. So decorate to make your area feel cozy and nice. This will make your loved ones feel like they’re part of a comfort movie, surrounded by incredible views, great food, and a fantastic road trip experience.

The Best Season to Visit TN

Luckily, Thanksgiving is during fall, so you’ll witness the breathtaking beauty of nature in this season. You’ll be able to even go on hikes during the day, ride your bike or take some time to be with your loved ones and enjoy the benefits of RV Camping. Remember to check the weather before visiting us so that you can be adequately prepared for any possible change in the atmosphere.

Spend an Amazing Holiday With Pigeon Forge RV Resort

We’re happy to spend the holidays with you! You can check out our page to make a reservation or check our availability to plan your next trip. Remember that we have a Welcome Center where you’ll find snacks, drinks, RV Supplies, etc. So relax and enjoy. You’re going to have a fantastic time.