Dress Properly to Hike the Smokys this Fall

by PFRV Blog

You can expect a bit of everything during fall, all in one day. Cold mornings, daytime, wind, and rain could cool it off later. The Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge RV’s surroundings become a majestic view during autumn. You need to plan your outfit accordingly to enjoy the fresh air and scenic vistas.

But, how can you be prepared for such erratic weather? One word: Layers. Master layering, and you'll manage your body temperature on any hike. Stay comfy through your walk—regardless of the temperature.

Basic Layer

A short-sleeve or tank top should be your base layer. Temperatures will rise even a little at noon, and you'll sweat with some activity, such as hiking. Don't dehydrate and wear yourself out by remaining covered when you don't have to. 


The mid-layer should be light but warm, like a long sleeve t-shirt. It must cover the base layer comfortably. It shouldn't be bulky, insulating the first layer but allowing movement so you can walk with ease.

Insulating Layer

This layer will keep your body heat trapped. You'll only wear this layer if it gets cold in the Smokys. Please put it on while resting to keep your core temperature up. A cozy hoodie or a jacket will do the trick.

Outer Layer

Your outer layer has to keep your layering system dry in case of rain which will help trap heat and keep out the wind. This means a rain jacket and pants are stored in your backpack until necessary.

Hiking Pants 

A pair of breathable, comfortable, element-resistant pants are all you need. If it gets cold, consider wearing thermal pants underneath your hiking pants.


Wool Socks

Wool is the best hiking sock material. It maintains your feet warm and draws away moisture that could cause blisters. It's recommended to bring a pair of extra socks in case your original pair gets wet.

Fall is tick season. A pair of tick gaiters are also important to consider as extra protection. If you spray some oil of the lemon eucalyptus tree on them, no ticks from tall grass or fallen leaves will bother you.

Waterproof Shoes or Boots

Just a bit of rain is all it takes to turn a trail into a mud trap. Upgrading your fall hiking footwear is one of the best investments a hiker can make. Hiking footwear is thermally insulating and will keep you from getting cold feet.

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