Summer Road Trip Tips: Making the Most of Your Visit to Pigeon Forge RV Resort

by PFRV Blog


Nothing captures the spirit of summer like a road trip. The sense of adventure it brings is unparalleled. Whether you're an RV enthusiast or a first-time traveler, embarking on a journey to the Pigeon Forge RV Resort this summer will be an unforgettable experience.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your summer road trip to the Smokies in Tennessee:


  1. Plan Your Route and Stops Ahead of Time: Before hitting the road, map out your route and identify the stops you'll make. Knowing where to refuel, rest, and grab a bite can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Remember, your trip to Pigeon Forge RV Resort isn't just about the destination but also the journey itself!

  2. Stay Hydrated and Pack Healthy Snacks: Summer road trips can be hot and exhausting, so staying hydrated is essential. Bring a cooler with water and healthy snacks like fresh fruits and nuts to keep your energy levels up during the drive.

  3. Check Your RV: A thorough pre-trip RV inspection is vital. Ensure your tires, engine, brakes, lights, and air conditioner work well. Remember to check your water, propane, and other essential supplies!

  4. Pack Smart: Pack a summer-specific kit besides your regular camping gear. Include sunscreen, hats, lightweight clothing, insect repellent, and swimwear for those refreshing dips in our heated pool. Remember, the Tennessee summer sun can be intense.

  5. Plan Activities: Pigeon Forge RV Resort is conveniently located near attractions like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Dollywood, and more. Research these attractions ahead of time and create a loose itinerary, but be open to spontaneous adventures!

  6. Reserve Early: Pigeon Forge RV Resort is a popular RV vacation spot, especially during summer. Ensure your RV site by making your reservation well in advance.

  7. Leave No Trace: The beauty of the Smoky Mountains region is something we want to preserve for generations to come. As you enjoy your time at the Pigeon Forge RV Resort and the surrounding attractions, remember to respect nature by leaving no trace.

A summer road trip to Pigeon Forge RV Resort is the ideal way to experience what Pigeon Forge, TN, has to offer. Remembering these tips, you'll be well-prepared for an adventure filled with beautiful memories and spectacular sights. We look forward to your visit!