Winter Hiking Tips for the Great Smoky Mountains

by PFRV Blog

Winter hiking in the Smoky Mountains is a unique experience. The landscape is much different than in other seasons. But visitors can't just blindly go on a winter hike without the proper knowledge beforehand. Here are some tips for winter hiking in the Smokies when visiting Pigeon Forge RV Resort.

Early Sunsets

It gets darker earlier in the winter. This is very important to remember when it comes to hiking. You don't want to get caught in the snow after dark. Even capable hikers the rest of the year, thick snow will slow you down. Keep a flashlight in your backpack, just in case.

Snowshoes and Ice Spikes

You will need either some spikes or snowshoes. Spikes will keep you from slipping on ice and densely packed snow; snowshoes make it much easier to walk through powder. Other necessities include mountaineer boots to cover your ankles and long wool socks. 

Layer Wisely

You don't want to sweat a lot in freezing temperatures. It's essential to shed layers when you get too hot and add them when you get too cold. Start with a thermal tank top under a thermal long-sleeved shirt with a vest and a thick flannel. When you're moving along, you won't want those outer layers, but you won't regret having them at the summit of a mountain with icy-cold winds.

Mind Your Body Heat

You will certainly need to take breaks on your big winter hike. When you do, walk in place or keep your arms moving to maintain body heat. Don't sit down in the snow for a long break. Losing the feeling in your fingers and toes is painful and scary; keep your blood pumping, and you'll be less likely to feel the extreme discomfort that these icy-cold temperatures bring.

Stay Hydrated

Something about winter hiking can make you feel like you aren't as thirsty as you are. Investing in a water bottle with a built-in filter is also a good idea in case you run out. You can always use the snow as a water source.

Winter RV Camping in Pigeon Forge, TN

Pigeon Forge RV Resort is perfect for discovering what this magnificent region offers. Each spot has a hook-up allowing you to fire up your furnace and heat your RV during winter. Gather the family, load up the RV, and head to the Pigeon Forge RV Resort for a winter RV camping adventure to enjoy with your loved ones!