Winter RV Camping Guide

RV camping is not just for the warmer months. Winter in Pigeon Forge, TN, and the Smoky Mountains is a unique experience with plenty to explore.

But, if you're heading for a holiday RV camping adventure, you need to be prepared. Get your RV winter-ready by preparing the engine and RV components for the rigors of winter camping to keep your family cozy during cold nights.

Image by DC Studio

Look After the Engine

Top off the engine's antifreeze with a concentration of at least a 50% antifreeze to water ratio. Inspect the batteries for damage or corrosion. Partially charged batteries have a high risk of freezing and dying in cold weather. Make sure they are fully charged.

Window and Door Seals

Check the seals around the windows and re-caulk any missing areas. Replace any worn weather stripping around the external doors and access panels to keep out moisture and prevent drafts.


Prevent cold from seeping up from underneath your RV by insulating the floor using foam board flooring, carpets, or heavy rugs.


Foil-backed foam is a lightweight and budget-friendly way to insulate your windows. This foam is available from most home stores and provides an extra layer of protection from harsh external temperatures.

Install Heavy Drapes

Heavy drapes are a great way to seal in warmth and keep out cold drafts. Use drapes to separate the cockpit from the living area to concentrate the heat here.


Your RV's furnace is your primary heat source. Test it thoroughly before departing. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove dust or debris around the furnace and vents.

Additional Heaters

Temperatures In Pigeon Forge often drop below zero in the winter. Consider bringing an additional heat source, such as a space heater, a catalytic heater, or electric blankets. Get a dehumidifier to prevent condensation and moisture from damaging the engine and other RV components.


Cold weather and ice build-up can cause pipes and hoses to crack or burst. Follow these steps to ensure the plumbing system is properly insulated:

  • Wrap the sewer hose and freshwater hose in heat strips
  • Apply heat tape around connectors and valves
  • Add a small amount of antifreeze to the holding tanks

Winter RV Camping in Pigeon Forge, TN

Pigeon Forge RV Resort is the perfect base for exploring all this stunning region has to offer. Each site has a hook-up allowing you to fire up the furnace and heat your RV during the holidays.

So, gather the family together, prep the RV, and head to the Pigeon Forge RV Resort for a winter RV camping adventure the whole family will enjoy!